Igloo + Built.io Integration

Connect and Automate to Innovate

Connect your entire business

Integration helps you connect disparate systems, tools, and services to automate workflows that are completely customized to your unique needs.

No-code and low-code integration for everyone

Built.io® Flow Enterprise™ is an enterprise-grade integration toolt with an intuitive, drag-and-drop UI that enables you to easily connect anything with an API and automate sophisticated workflows.

  • Integrate Igloo with thousands of applications, services and devices.
  • Automate repetitive, everyday tasks in minutes with point-and-click templates.
  • Ideal for HR and Internal Comms teams that want to streamline their business processes.
  • Great for semi-technical people who build flashy demos or POCs that connect Igloo to other services.
  • Great for developers who want to build bots and create powerful integrations.
  • Perfect for situations where you’re connecting the digital and physical world and enable an IoT use case.

Popular use cases

Human Resources

  • Connect Greenhouse.io, Igloo and LinkedIn to share job postings in Slack.
  • Connect Cisco Spark, Jobvite and Igloo to evaluate new candidates easily.
  • Connect Igloo, Slack, Gmail, SMS and Jobvite to onboard a new employee.


  • Connect Twitter, Facebook and Cisco Spark to monitor brand mentions.
  • Connect Igloo, Slack, Gmail and Box and alert teams to new marketing collateral.
  • Connect Dropbox to Igloo and Cisco Spark. When a new sales deck is created, update the sales wiki with the latest version.

IT Help Desk

  • Connect Slack, Jira, and Igloo to receive and assign new projects to teams in different departments.
  • Connect Igloo to mail to improve your governance center.
  • Connect Intercom to your FAQ. Populate your help desk microblog with the most recent questions.

Document Management

  • Connect Office 365 to your resources center. Automatically update your company wiki when documents are updated.
  • Connect Igloo to email to send internal blog post alerts to the company.
  • Keep all of your customer wikis up-to-date when new documents are added or contracts are updated.


  • Connect Cisco Spark, Igloo, Email and SMS to alert your entire company when a major deal is closed.
  • Connect Google Sheets to Igloo to create a customer wiki page with the company details from the spreadsheet.
  • Connect Igloo, Box and Email to attach relevant documents like NDAs, contracts and POs to customer wiki’s.

Internal Comms

  • Connect Igloo, Slack, and Email to your newsroom.
  • Connect Igloo, Gmail and DocuSign so when the microblog for each department is updated, a message will be sent out to alert all relevant parties.
  • Connect Igloo to Smartsheet and Google Drive. Version and track changes throughout all of your wikis and microblogs.

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Built.io Flow Enterprise

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