Igloo + Dropbox Integration

Your projects and files can live together with Igloo + Dropbox. Keep your projects moving with easy-to-share folders, files, and links.

Use your time for something productive

Keep projects on track by being able to easily access your files whenever you need them. Stop digging through endless files to get to the ones that matter to you right now. With Igloo + Dropbox, you can send and save files right from your account — saving you steps along the way.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Search your space for whatever you need.


Your important tasks are always at hand. Embed secure Dropbox links in tasks to get to the right files easily.


Your files are wherever you need them. Find files easily, drag and drop new versions, and work with files directly in Dropbox.


Send a quick update to the team to keep things moving. Add a secure Dropbox link to share the latest version of your presentation.


Find people easily. Locate and learn about experts in your company in a few clicks.


Use the Igloo calendar to keep track of important meetings, events, and to-dos.

Quickly upload and download

Back up your documents in Dropbox with a simple click. You can also edit, delete, download, search, upload, and share files from a specific location to internal contacts — all through Igloo, within your browser.

Keep it secure

Igloo adds an extra layer of authentication to your external files. By requiring permission to access your Igloo community, you can make sure only the right people see your files.

Interested in integrations?

Igloo is your all-in-one hub for getting stuff done. Take it to the next level by bringing leading cloud apps like Office 365, Google for Work, and Salesforce, inside your Igloo.

"A portal should link people to other applications.
A great solution should offer that."

— Spencer Mains, Director of Technology and Knowledge Systems at Giant Creative Strategy

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