Igloo + Google Integration

It’s never been easier for your intranet to go Google. With Igloo + Google, you can supercharge your intranet with the productivity apps you love

It’s easier than ever to get more done

Go with what you know. You know Google apps like Drive and Calendars and you know how easy they are to get up and running. With Igloo, you just need to drag and drop to add these pieces to a robust space that helps teams communicate and collaborate faster and easier.


Create and update meetings, events, and more in your personal or shared Google calendars.


Bring your Google files into Igloo. Find files faster, make updates, and share securely, directly from Igloo.


Send updates to the team to keep things moving. Add a secure Google Drive link to share the latest version of your important presentation.


Find people easily. Locate and learn about experts in your company in a few clicks.


Your important tasks are always at hand. Embed secure Google Drive links in tasks to get to the right files easily.


Use the Igloo calendar to keep track of important internal meetings, events, and to-dos.

Be the boss of your day

While we can’t create more hours in a day, with Google calendar at your side, you won’t need them. Confidently navigate your day, stay on top of important events, and schedule important meetings in a snap.

Work better with files

Spend less time looking for files and more time collaborating and sharing knowledge. With Igloo + Google Drive, teams can be more productive and collaborate more effectively.

Interested in integrations?

Igloo is your all-in-one hub for getting stuff done. Take it to the next level by bringing leading cloud apps like Office 365, Google for Work, and Salesforce, inside your Igloo.

"A portal should link people to other applications.
A great solution should offer that."

— Spencer Mains, Director of Technology and Knowledge Systems at Giant Creative Strategy

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