Igloo + Salesforce Integration

Keep a pulse on your company’s sales vitals. With Igloo + Salesforce, you can access the insights you need to effectively manage pipeline and close deals faster.

Makes sales insights more accessible to leadership

Our suite of Salesforce integrations curate Salesforce data to display the health of the sales pipeline and the impact of activities across the sales organization. Not only does this make vital company data more accessible to leaders who are not familiar with Salesforce, but it also simplifies reporting for sales and marketing teams.

Make better decisions, faster

By giving executives, managers and operational staff access to real-time, self-service Salesforce dashboards, organizations can make better decisions, faster, and can eliminate the need for creating additional weekly or monthly reports in spreadsheets or other BI tools.

Encourage friendly competition with Leaderboard

By promoting your Salesforce Leaderboard within your Sales Department space, your top earners will receive well-deserved recognition and sales management will be able to more effectively manage the distribution of opportunities and supporting resources across their team. Our integration will allow you to filter opportunities to a custom type to allow different boards for different teams, and provides trend indicators for each person.

Keep the sale moving with Deal Room

When you’re trying to close a deal, any bumps in the road could mean the difference between success and failure. Use Igloo + Salesforce to stay in the loop with other reps, get what you need from other departments, and give leaders a quick and comprehensive view of the opportunity.

Create a sales calendar to keep track of key dates and meetings.

Update Salesforce leads and opportunities to keep deals moving in the right direction.

Your go-to sales collateral and expert resources are just a click away.

Collaborate in a real-time Salesforce Chatter feed without leaving your Igloo.

View and quickly connect with the key players in active deals.

View or add notes and files to Salesforce opportunities from within Igloo.