Igloo + Slack Integration

Keep conversations relevant and in context. With Igloo + Slack, you can cut out the clutter and bring the right conversations into your work.

Reign in the conversation

You’ve got a lot of information to keep up with across your organization. More than ever, it’s important to keep the relevant information together. While you’re using Igloo to get your work done, bring Slack into the fold, so you can have real-time conversations that actually add value to your work.


Got something that’s too good to lose? Save it in a wiki.


Integrate other apps like Box and Salesforce for a truly singular work experience.


Have the relevant Slack channel show up automatically when you sign in.


Use the People Directory to immediately find your project experts.


Keep track of deliverables and progress.


All your upcoming events and deadlines can be in one shared calendar.

Find new channels

By embedding a specific Slack channel into your team space, you can bring new members into the conversation already in progress.

Avoid distraction

When you’re busy at work, you need to keep out the noise. Keep your relevant Slack channels in Igloo and catch up on the rest later.

Interested in integrations?

Igloo is your all-in-one hub for getting stuff done. Take it to the next level by bringing leading cloud apps like Office 365, Google for Work, and Salesforce, inside your Igloo.

"A portal should link people to other applications.
A great solution should offer that."

— Spencer Mains, Director of Technology and Knowledge Systems at Giant Creative Strategy

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