Deployment & HostingWith secure collaboration in the Azure cloud, deploying Igloo is fast, economical, and flexible.

We offer deployment options and hosting models that scale with your needs. We consider your timing and budget constraints, security requirements, available resources, and internal expertise, and tailor a solution to fit.

Save money
Deploying Igloo is straightforward and hassle free. Plus, you’ll eliminate costs for things like hosting, hardware, software, and consulting support.

Get set up fast
Test a pilot project with a select group or go enterprise-wide off the bat. However you decide to do it, set up your Igloo in minutes – and manage it from one place.

Control your deployment
Whether you opt for our shared service, multi-tenant model or a dedicated single-tenant solution for your growing business, the choice is yours when it comes to infrastructure.

Keep your data yours
All the data in your Igloo — conversations, comments, content — is yours. But we can help you manage and share it. We can provide a complete XML export of your community at any time, upon request.

Companies deploying cloud applications spend 40% less on consulting and 25% less on personnel than those deploying on premises.

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