Next-Generation Intranet Software Features All the features you need, on a platform you’ll love.

Your new intranet should do everything you expect. But more importantly, it should drive real value for the people who use it.

For End Users

  • Consume and engage with content
  • Find information quickly
  • Interact with fellow colleagues
  • Manage your daily work

For Content Managers

  • Communicate with users via multiple content types
  • Improve workflows with advanced publishing features
  • Target content to specified user groups
  • Streamline content management

For Administrators

  • Configure the site structure to best suit your needs
  • Manage settings and permissions
  • Improve findability of information
  • Evaluate performance and add enhancements

Check all the must-have features off your list

The Igloo platform is packed with features to help you build and sustain a thriving digital workplace. Make it your own by enabling these popular features and more.


Easily share leadership updates, culture stories, and HR and IT mandates — with easy-to-use publishing and distribution capabilities.


Call attention to important information by broadcasting messages to the entire organization or individual groups.


Employees want to know what’s happening, and when. Make sure no one misses out on key dates, milestones, or events.


Create an interactive culture by giving employees an outlet to share ideas, ask questions, and have discussions.


Make it easy to manage and find content by categorizing items by type, topic, department, or your own organizational labels.


Employees can stay up to date with real-time email notifications about new posts or content.

Org Charts

Navigate the organizational structure and get quick access to subject matter experts.


Give individuals or member groups permission to read, write, and/or edit a page, space, channel or piece of content.


Get a quick pulse on the organization by placing the Poll Widget on a page or space and inviting employees to respond.


Every user has a personal profile where you can find their photo, contact details, skills, personal and business interests, and more.

Read Tracking

Enable read tracking so users can acknowledge that they've read and understood a piece of content.

RSS Feeds

Keep an eye on what's happening online by displaying RSS feeds from external websites.


Quickly find anything in your digital workplace, from files to articles to subject matter experts.


Use a simple drag-and-drop widget to integrate third-party applications into your digital workplace.


Receive instant, daily, weekly, or monthly notifications for followed content, as set by the user or administrator.


Make project management easy by keeping track of all your to-do's, reminders, and requests.


Store, update, and share policies and best practices across multiple authors and topics​.

Drag-and-drop UI

An intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for even the most non-technical person to configure solutions and publish content.


Both system and user-generated content can be translated into multiple languages to support end-users around the world.


Moderation allows you to review and approve content and comments before they're published.

File Manager

Bulk upload, download, and move files or folders with easy drag and drop feature.


Store, manage, and embed rich-media files for easy sharing from your digital workplace or third party sites. A native rich-media player also enables inline viewing.

Future Publish

Schedule content to publish at a future date and time so you can load it when it works best for you.


Make it easy for users to login to your digital workplace with LDAP, SSO, and Igloo Authentication.

Rich Text Editor

Post content with the ability to format text, add images, embed videos, and if needed, switch to HTML code.

Site Manager

View and edit the structure of your digital workplace, including pages, spaces, and channels.

Solve key business challenges with pre-built solution templates

Igloo features are the foundation of our customer-tested, pre-built solutions, designed to help you solve your key business challenges faster.

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