Igloo Analytics Optimizing the performance of your digital workplace starts with data and analytics.

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Data drives decisions that move your business forward. And with productivity and engagement on the line, your digital workplace is no exception. With Igloo Analytics, you get access to actionable insights about user engagement and content performance so you can identify areas for improvement and plan out your next steps.

Make Igloo Analytics work for you

Improve adoption and engagement

Identify what’s working and what’s not, with data that will help you keep your people engaged and your digital workplace relevant.

Measure performance against objectives

You know what you want to achieve. Set a plan to review how your progress compares to your benchmarks.

Justify continued investment

What’s the business value of your digital workplace? Use data to calculate the ROI it delivers and the benefits it brings your organization.

From top-level trends to deep-dive analysis

Whether you need quick stats for reporting and incremental changes, or deeper insights to inform strategy and investment, Igloo Analytics has the answers. Get performance and usage data at your fingertips — with preconfigured dashboards, overviews, and data from third-party analytics tools. Or go deep with detailed custom reports built with Igloo Data Feeds.

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Monitor overall health

Find areas of strength and weakness in your digital workplace by tracking all types of activity over time, such as added or removed content, number of active members, views, likes, comments, and more.

data about employees

Find your champions

Watch your member community grow and identify key roles such as creators, contributors, and consumers. Empower leaders in each category to drive engagement by sharing the value they’re realizing.

workplace analytics and top content

Identify popular content

Track views, likes, and comments to learn which content people are interacting with most. Assessing user engagement helps you ensure popular content is in the right place and always current.

flow chart of how users went through webpages

Understand user flow

Optimize your navigation and information architecture by examining overall traffic, the relationships between pages, and the paths people take to get what they need.

heat map overlay of a webpage

Assess page quality

Make improvements to individual solutions and pages with access to critical data, such as time-on-page, bounce rates, and heat maps for clicks, scrolling, and user attention.

Google Analytics map of the US

Know where and how people are engaging

Leverage analytics to learn more about your users’ geography, and what devices and browsers they’re using so you can tailor your content and how it’s delivered.

data reports and visualizations

Create tailored reports that deliver exceptional insight

Igloo Data Feeds provide the utmost flexibility in custom reporting, enabling you to pull data from Business Intelligence tools that support OData v4, including Microsoft Power BI and Excel — so you can compare behaviors and performance across your entire digital workplace.

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