Team communication creates trust and transparency.

Communication should flow in all directions — from the top down, bottom up, and everywhere in between. But every message needs its medium. With a place for leadership blogging, employee chatter, company announcements, and much more, you can rescue key conversations from IM and email.

Make it easy to get the message across

Bridge the divide

Create a human connection between executives and employees.

Enable conversations

Give employees easy-to-use tools to interact with each other online.

Share your strategy

Post your mission, vision, values, and objectives for everyone to see.

Highlight your culture

Make sure key accomplishments and exceptional people don’t go unnoticed.

Keep everyone informed

Publish company news, milestones, as well as policies and procedures.

Centralize communications

Evolve your approach by consolidating communications in one place.

Inform, align, and engage with pre‑built digital workplace solutions for communication.

Quick, scalable, and budget-friendly.

Our purpose-built solutions can be deployed in two weeks, with minimal IT involvement. Select only what you need now, then add or extend as your needs change.

Choose a single solution or create a bundle and save.

Single Solution

Starting at
$599 per month

Flat fee for up to 5,000 users

Department Zone

Bundle of
4 solutions

Flat fee for up to 10,000 users

Our team communication solutions are built on a cloud-hosted, SaaS platform with advanced capabilities you can count on.

Reliable search

With Igloo’s unified search, users can quickly find, surface, and access files from various repositories into a single search interface.

Best-in-class security

Igloo is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, so your data is encrypted using government-grade security, both in transit and at rest.

Cost-saving integrations

Igloo solutions can be integrated with third-party applications, so you can maximize your existing investments and give employees access to the tools they rely on.


Igloo solutions are accessible from anywhere, on any device, with a responsive web experience, native apps for iOS and Android, and full email integration.