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A Heartfelt Shout-Out to Community Managers: Driving the Digital Workplace

Brian C. McIlravey

January 27, 2020 · 2 min read

The digital workplace is where important information is shared, valuable resources are made available, company culture is perpetuated, and community is built. Of course, as is the case with all great and powerful tools, you need just the right person to operate and manage it.

So, in honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day which takes place on January 27th this year, we wanted to take a moment to reach out and thank community managers everywhere for their year-round efforts to help their communities thrive.

A successful community relies on an active and engaged group of members, and we know that doesn’t happen by accident.

The many hats of a community manager

As a tribute to our diligent and sometimes long-suffering community managers, we tip our hats to acknowledge the many hats they often wear, like these:

Fearless leader

When things don’t go as planned or when an issue seemingly spins out of control, the community manager is there, focused and calm, problem-solving on the fly and providing support through it all.

Accountable owner

Community managers interact with employees in all types of roles, but perhaps most importantly, they know how to speak the language of senior leadership. Senior leadership needs to feel confident that the company’s vision is in good hands.

50% geek, 50% artist

Community managers have the right technical knowledge and can communicate clearly with the support team to explain and resolve issues. But they’re equally adept at finding fun and creative ways to maximize the features of the platform.


Community managers understand that they’re dealing with human beings, and emotions can run high when priorities are being sorted. Keeping a level head is key to their success.


When there’s a problem, the community manager is there to provide one-on-one attention on issues needing resolution both in and outside of the digital workplace.


The community manager constantly reviews and analyzes the performance of the digital workplace to accurately report to leadership and employees about progress.


Community managers keep their finger on the pulse of the digital workplace, taking everything in so that they can monitoring health, satisfaction, and engagement, and react to changes as necessary.


Experienced users of the digital workplace, community managers are always investing more time in training to keep their knowledge in top shape.


A community manager is responsible for announcing new features and areas within the digital workplace. They cheer for the accomplishments of both the company and its employees — with or without pompoms.

Traffic cop

A community manager knows who the subject matter experts are. They route requests to the right people within your company.


Think Michelangelo, but more abstract. The community manager translates the noise of a digital workplace into actionable data that benefits everyone.

We celebrate community managers

The work of community managers is invaluable. And so, we salute you. From all of us at Igloo, thank you for all that you do.

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