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5 Reasons to Invest Your Time in Intranet Training

Corey Symonds

May 4, 2020 · 3 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the world we live and work in. Meetings have been replaced by Zoom calls, happy hours have gone virtual, and “social distancing” is the new normal.

In other words, the current landscape has pushed everything online, which is why the adoption of digital tools is more important than ever.

To create a thriving digital workplace, training is critical. And if done properly, it can lead to sustained engagement, increased productivity, and better collaboration – even during a pandemic.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s worth spending time on intranet training right now.

People go with what they know

People have different ways of completing tasks, but not all of them are the most efficient. It’s not because employees want to spend more time on a project, it’s because they stick with what works.

If people don’t understand the power of your intranet, they simply won’t use it. Training shows employees how the intranet can help them manage their daily workflows and find information quickly.

You’ll reduce the use of “other” tools

When people come to a company, they often rely on familiar tools they’ve used in the past. Again, it’s because they stick to what they know. But these “other” tools can make things complicated for their new colleagues and can even pose a risk to the company’s security.

By training employees on how to use the intranet, they’ll learn how to adapt their workflows to meet the company’s security standards, and they might even discover better and faster ways to do their work.

It’s a chance to promote its capabilities

Let’s face it – the intranet you invested in has a lot of powerful capabilities. (Or at least we hope. If not, you’re in the right place.)

Intranet training gives you a chance to share those features with your employees so they can get excited about using the platform. And whenever you make big changes or enhancements to your intranet, you can use it as an excuse to host some refresher courses, too.

It can enhance the onboarding experience

New employees can eventually become super users of your intranet, with the right amount of training. As they’re browsing through online onboarding materials and learning about the company, they’re effectively learning about how to use the intranet too.

Any tips or guidance you can provide along the way can help them get up to speed faster, but also increase their comfort level with a tool that they’ll be expected to (and even want to) use to get their work done.

You have to make the most of your investment

An intranet is a business-critical tool for your company. Training employees on how to effectively use it will not only enhance their work experience, it will help you realize its business value or ROI.

Letting it sit with low engagement levels isn’t good for anyone. Take purposeful steps to ensure everyone knows how and why to use it and you’ll see how it pays off in the end.

Get free access to industry-leading digital workplace training

We know how critical training is to the long-term success of an intranet solution. Which is why it’s a staple in not only the implementation stage but throughout your entire digital workplace journey.

At Igloo, we’ve created an extensive catalog of training courses and self-serve resources to help organizations make the most of their digital workplace. It’s called Igloo University, and all our customers – and their end users – get free, unlimited access.

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