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Browse our portfolio of branded Digital Workplaces built and designed around common business challenges.

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See how one of our hospitality customer’s improved their organization and team culture and engagement across their remote employee base through exciting visual design and our collaborative Team Room Solution.

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The Social Bee

Read about this social media customer’s journey to improved culture & engagement for their own employees through bright and engaging visual design and our Social Center Solution.

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View DesignStudio City Art Institute

Studio City Art Institute

See how this arts and culture agency’s boldly branded digital workplace utilized our Project Room Solution to keep their complex cross-functional projects on track and organized.

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View DesignEducational Inc.

Educational Inc.

This higher education customer gained corporate efficiencies with our Onboarding Center Solution, supported by an inviting and user experience driven visual design.

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View DesignHealthSmart


Learn how one of our healthcare customers improved collaboration with a streamlined digital workplace visual design and Igloo’s Governance Center Solution.

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View DesignTechAgency


Read about this high tech customer’s journey to improving communications and creating a clean and modern digital workplace.

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View DesignM.P.R. Roofing

M.P.R. Roofing

This customer centralized their information, news, and processes with our General Knowledge Base Solution supported by a big, bold, and engaging visual design. Learn about their journey.

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View DesignArchitecture Foundation

Architecture Foundation

Learn how an on-brand aesthetic paired with our Digital Workplace Solutions improved this professional services customer’s communication and collaboration across teams.

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