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Igloo Launches the Networked Enterprise Edition Of Its Award-Winning Digital Workplace Platform

Includes a Hub & Spoke Architecture That Delivers the Scalability That Multinational, Distributed, and Extended Enterprises Need For a Globally Connected Digital Workplace

SAN ANTONIO, TexasSept. 12, 2018 – Igloo Software, the leading provider of digital workplace solutions, today has announced the general availability of the Networked Enterprise Edition of its award-winning Digital Workplace platform. With its proprietary hub and spoke architecture, Igloo’s Networked Enterprise Edition provides complex and dispersed organizations with a scalable, flexible, and secure digital workplace solution for connecting business units, vendors, suppliers, partners, and customers across the globe.

Complex and dispersed organizations face unique challenges in connecting their global network of internal employees and external stakeholders with the right information and processes they require to do their job effectively. According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, a fully networked enterprise could raise the productivity of knowledge workers by up to 25%. Igloo’s Networked Enterprise Edition helps employees communicate, share knowledge, and collaborate within, and across, enterprises by offering organizations the ability to set up and manage a digital workplace that consists of a central enterprise hub which is connected to a network of spoke sites.

Igloo’s Networked Enterprise Edition solves the communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing challenges that have plagued the following types of organizations for decades:

Multinational Enterprises
These large organizations have teams, offices, and business units that are distributed across various geographic locations, and face multiple cultural dynamics and languages, numerous time zones, and a regulatory framework that varies across regions. With the hub and spoke model, multinational enterprises get a central digital destination for corporate news, policies and brand resources, while remote offices and employees get their own digital workplaces. This gives them an outlet for the culture and business priorities specific to their location.

Distributed Enterprises
Distributed enterprises, such as franchises and member firms, often hold a collection of brands and cultures, which need to maintain their independence. With Igloo’s Networked Enterprise, corporate policies, resources and identity are centralized in a digital hub so these distributed enterprises can operate at scale. Business units are given autonomy by creating individual digital workplaces for them, but cross-company innovation and idea generation are promoted in the single uniting hub.

Extended Enterprises
In extended enterprises, the organization enables several different external stakeholders at scale. These stakeholders range from partners and vendors to customers and donors. By implementing an extended digital workplace model, organizations can give their partners and vendors quick, easy access to corporate sales and marketing resources, processes, request forums, and critical expertise. Spoke sites can be tailored to suit the needs of specific audiences, such as vendors, partners, and customers, each with a unique content and collaboration experience and member permissions.

“We’ve been perfecting the networked enterprise model for the better part of 4 years now,” explained Stephen Rahal, VP of Product Strategy at Igloo Software. “During this time, we’ve been supporting several multinational customers – some of whom have over 100,000 employees. These customers operate in a highly complex and dispersed organizational structure with several unique requirements for their digital workplace. Networked Enterprise is truly the culmination of this vast experience, and quite honestly, we’ve nailed it with this product. No other product on the market comes close to the scalability, flexibility, security, or capability of Networked Enterprise.”

Backed With Igloo’s Best-in-Class Consulting, Implementation, Training Services, and More
Networked Enterprise Edition is based on a scalable solution architecture designed to handle significant usage fluctuations, providing additional security, performance, and scalability. Enterprises gain additional benefit from premium disaster recovery options and semi-single-tenant (SST) hosting and data storage provided by Microsoft Azure. Networked Enterprise Edition customers will also get access to Igloo’s Platinum support, a Technical Account Manager, consulting, and in-depth training.

Product Availability
Igloo’s Networked Enterprise Edition is now available. For more information, please visit:

About Igloo Software
Igloo is the leading next-generation intranet platform. Through its portfolio of digital workplace solutions, Igloo partners with customers to address challenges related to communication, collaboration, knowledge management, employee engagement, and culture. Igloo integrates with the apps and systems your business relies on and centralizes information for a single source-of-truth and a more productive and engaged workforce. For more information, please visit

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